Tanzanite Pendants are Bewitching Blue

blue heart pendant in the movie titanicThe sparkling blue color of tanzanite resembles the blue skies. The lovely transparency of the stone has made it the popular choice for gemstone jewelry. People admire it and love to own the tanzanite jewelry, especially when they do not want to spend huge amounts on blue sapphire jewelry, but dream to have the blue hue in their jewelry collection.

Not many of us are aware of the fact that raw tanzanite stones are in orange brown color and it is only after heat treating them, that they gain their vibrant blue color. Tanzanite pendants have a special place in the jewelry world and the famous heart shaped blue pendant that Kate wore in the blockbuster movie Titanic is rumored to have a large tanzanite stone in it, and not blue sapphire.

Round Tanzanite Solitaire PendantYou can enjoy this blue hue in your pendant as well. The lovely pendant has a sparkling tanzanite stone in round shape. The prong set stone can be chosen from a variety of qualities. From heirloom to good, better, best, all types have different brilliance and inclusions. The heirloom quality is the topmost one and it can be treasured for generations.

Getting it set in silver, platinum or white gold will give it a stylish look and the golden glow of yellow gold will add color to the jewelry. The choice in the carat weight of the stone will determine its size. The choice you make in stone quality, metal type and carat weight will decide the price of the pendant. Choose it wisely according to the size of your pocket. A 14k white gold chain shipped FREE with it is an added Joy!

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