Pear Tanzanite Diamond Pendant

pear-tanzanite-and-diamond-v-bale-pendant-sp0169tSometimes the right kind of jewelry is all you need to complete your look. You may be in love with earrings and you may not like to give the ring a miss, but it is actually a pendant that fills in the gap and makes you look just perfect. Adding the right amount of style and beauty this is one piece that always gains due to its strategic positioning for try as one may you can never miss the sight of this charming piece especially when it bears a gorgeous gemstone.

In this particular design the pear shape of the tanzanite stands out. Not only is this one of the most beautiful gems but it is also loved for its rare presence and is therefore sought after. Besides the pretty design and unique look of the piece makes it desirable. The tiny diamond at the top only helps to enhance the beauty and vivid color of the stone. The v bale also adds a look of distinction and makes the piece look classy.

If you are someone who loves jewelry and enjoy wearing pieces that look attractive and also have a different look and edge then this is meant for you. Every little part sums up the lovely appearance of the piece and you can wear it just the way you like and for any occasion you please for it can look both casual and classy and all you need to do is pair it with the right outfit. Rare and splendid this is one piece you cannot resist.

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