What to remember while buying tanzanite jewelry

To wear tanzanite jewelry is to join the rank of tanzanite loving celebrities like Penelope

Cruz, Shaun Robinson, Cate Blanchett and Salma Hayek. These and many other starlets have been captured by shutterbugs with their enticing tanzanite jewelry.

So how much you think you know about tanzanite? Before adding a new substantial piece of jewelry to your collection or selecting a pretty pleasing gift for your loved ones, let’s have a look at some of the facts about tanzanite that will surely make it even more unique to buy.

Tanzanite was discovered by an Indian prospector Manuel de Souza in 1967. Earlier that the Messai tribesmen found it in the Meralini Hills near Arusha in Tanzania but were unable to recognize it’s true worth as a gemstone. Later in year 1969 after the thorough study the stone was brought to the market with the name ‘Tanzanite’ after the name of its country of origin.

Since its introduction to the world tanzanite has gained enormous popularity and fame. In year 2002 it was listed as the birthstone of December by American Gem Trade Association.

Tanzanite is mined nowhere in the world except for Tanzania and the Tanzania government has very strict laws for its mining. It is believed that very soon the tanzanite mines will get exhausted.

It is a very soft stone with 6.5 out of 10 on Moh’s scale of hardness. So is a very delicate stone for daily use. But with some care it is a stone of lifetime.

Tanzanite has also made its debut on the red carpet and is among the favorite stones of celebrities. The bond girl Teri Hatcher was spotted wearing an extravagantly bold square-cut tanzanite ring and Penelope Cruz’s diamond encrusted tanzanite hoop earring were elegant like her.

Mostly tanzanites are heat treated to bring those very unique deep blue violet hues. In natural form they remain in dull brownish state but once get heated at around 600 degrees the vibrant blue and violet shades of tanzanite become clearly visible.

Tanzanites are extensively used in fine jewelry and good quality tanzanite jewelry is quite expensive. Tanzanite earring, pendants, necklaces and rings are highly sought after. Even tanzanite engagement rings are also gaining popularity.

So when you make a tanzanite purchase just remember what you are picking is unique, exclusive, exceptional and rare and it will be the pride gem of your dazzling collection.

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