Tanzanites – the journey to fame

These extraordinary gemstones, tanzanites are loved for their brilliant violet blue hue. Unlike other gemstones that have various mining locations, these gems are only found at one place in the whole world; Tanzania – the eastern state of African continent.

step cut tanzanite


Tanzanites were only discovered in the year 1967. So, relatively there are new members of the gemstone family. These are the blue variety of zoisite mineral and for a short duration they were also referred to as ‘blue zoisite’. Although soon after that, New York’s jewelers Tiffany gave the gem its present name as a tribute to its origin.

Two years hence the discovery of tanzanites, Tiffany’s presented this gem to the general public with a huge advertising campaign. Since then it has earned the stature of one of the most coveted gems. Tanzanites, given their stunning hue and limitation of source have become one of the most valuable gemstone.


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    Loved your Blog. Inclusions give such character to a stone. I love ruitlated quartz which is jam packed with inclusions of a sort. Also emeralds (apart from the highly expensive ones, always have inclusions. This gives individuality to your piece. I have a cabochon Russian diopside ring which has inclusions and is like looking into a magical world.

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