Tanzanite Jewelry for Summers

We usually change our wardrobe for every season. This includes a change in the dress, shoes and accessories. After all, you will want to stay in trend and be known as a Fashion Diva. The latest style magazine and fashion experts predict what is going to be hot in the upcoming season. So, here we are with the fashion guide for the summers.

The Triad RingTrichroic Tanzanite Jewelry

Blue is going to be the color this season. So a gemstone displaying this color will also be the best option as your jewelry accessory. Tanzanite gemstones remain the most popular option among all blue gemstones. If you don’t have a piece of tanzanite jewelry, it is best to get one. The reason why tanzanite jewelry is ranked the best among its peers is because of the fact that it possesses the alluring trichroic quality.

Trichroism Gemstones Change Thier Colors

If this term is new to you, let us explain what it is. Trichroism is the ability of the gemstone to radiate a different color from different angles. So, with just one stone, you can enjoy a display of three colors including vivid blue, dreamy violets, and sometimes red or a green sparkle.

Tanzanite Stone Sparkle Bright & BeautifulTanzanite Stone Sparkle Bright & Beautiful Displaying Its Trichroic

The cool blue and violet sparkle of tanzanite will cool off the heat, making it ‘must-have jewelry’ for this season. Rays of the sun will make the tanzanite stone sparkle bright and beautiful displaying its trichroic qualities. Summers are the times to hang around beaches or go camping. However beware. With UV radiation, there can be a skin problem. Wear tanzanite. It is good for the skin too.

Elizabeth Taylor Wear Violet Sparkle RingElizabeth Taylor Wear Violet Sparkle Earrings

Additionally, all those who don’t have Elizabeth Taylor’s pretty violet eyes, can borrow the violet sparkle from this beautiful gemstone as they wear a ring or an earring studded with it.

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