Tanzanite Jewelry for An Exotic Allure

The trichorism of tanzanite can captivate not only the wearer but also the viewer. Tanzanite is the birthstone of December and is the rarest of all gemstones found on earth. It is found only in the lands of Tanzania and as the mines are going deeper fancy tanzanite with pink, green, yellow and other colors are also discovered.


Tanzanite is comparatively soft for jewelry as it rates 6 on moh’s scale of hardness but the beauty and chromaticity of tanzanite makes it a must have gem for jewelry. In just 30 years tanzanite has made a distinct position in the hearts of jewelry lovers and collectors.


Studded in different designer fine jewelry like tanzanite rings, tanzanite earrings, charming tanzanite pendants and much more, the gem has proved as a brilliant stone for elite jewelry. For those who desire to have timeless jewelry that could match with every style sense, tanzanite jewelry is the best option to choose. From pale blue/violet to intense blue set in white or yellow metal in different settings, tanzanite jewelry easily adds sparkle to any look.


For a chic prom girl fashion add a pair of tanzanite hoop earrings to accessorize your gorgeous evening gown and enjoy the fun dwelling night with bewitching looks. If like to dress for a romantic outing than choose a set of tanzanite heart jewelry where a pair of heart tanzanite studs will join heart tanzanite pendant to talk from your side.

For those who are likely to pop the very important question to their girlfriend a bold tanzanite ring with diamonds is the best surprise. So just pick your tanzanite jewelry and see what this rare and exotic gem will do for you!

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