Stars that went blue with tanzanite jewelry

The color blue has some undefined charm that no one can resist but easily get attracted towards it. And if the blue is the color of tanzanite then how is it possible to stop liking it? Tanzanite is one of the youngest members of gemstone family. And in just a short span of time it has made a very prominent place in the hearts of jewelry lovers. Even the celebrities can’t stop themselves from wearing tanzanite jewelry for their red carpet parade.

Cate Blanchett in a tanzanite, amethyst, diamond and sapphire necklace From Cannes to Globes, tanzanite was much praised by starlets and their followers. The ravishing multi-stone tanzanite necklace of Cate Blanchett was a daring attempt for an award event where generally diamonds rule. In 61st Cannes Film Festival Cate was spotted with a deep blue plunging necklace which was decorated with cushion and round tanzanites, amethysts, rose-cut diamonds and approx 953 sapphires. Her banded grey gown had truly found a complimenting jewel for that sparkling night.

Even in The Golden Age, a sequel to the Academy nominated film Elizabeth I, she once worn a pink tanzanite necklace and earring set.

Shaun Robinson with Cocktail Tanzanite Ring

Like Cate another diva who had gone blue with tanzanite was Shaun Robinson. For her 67th Annual Golden Globes red carpet style she had chosen an amazingly bold cocktail tanzanite ring. The ring was beautifully crafted from platinum and had a center cushion tanzanite encircled with diamonds. The ring was a decently showy match to her pleated blue gown.

Penelope Cruz with Tanzanite Ring

Penelope Cruz’s love for blue is world famous. Her engagement ring has a blue center stone and she also has many jewelry pieces with blue stone. From her lovely blue collection the tanzanite earrings were quite famous. She was spotted wearing them for few important events including the premiere of her film. The earrings have oval tanzanite with diamond halo and the breathtaking combo of tanzanite and diamond lends enormous sophistication to her looks.

It is presumed that in the near future with the rarity of tanzanite the demand of the stone will increase tremendously. And very soon it will be the part of Academy Awards and many other big star studded events.

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