Premium Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite, is named after the African state, Tanzania, the only place in the whole world where this gemstone is found. Given the limitation of their source, tanzanites are believed to be rarer than diamonds.

Tanzanite also displays trichroic property. That is, when light enters its surface, it breaks into three separate colors – blue, purple and bronze, giving the gem a very unique identity. Celebrated for their velvety blue hue, tanzanite jewelry has become a favorite amongst modern jewelers.

The collection displays the most sought after gemstones. Each gemstone is hand-picked for its fine color, brilliance and clarity. The collection exhibits the heirloom quality that is the top 0.1% of the tanzanites that are usually reserved for celebrities and the museums.

 Pear-Tanzanite-Pendant-with-V-Shaped-Diamond-Bale-in-14k-White-Gold-(7X5-mm)_SPW0593TB_RegTanzanite Pendants – Pendant is the most romantic gift that you could give to your loved one. Given the mesmerizing hue of these gems, hanging delicately, a pendant will always remain near her heart and remind her how special she is.


Tanzanite Rings – This beautiful diamond tanzanite flower ring can make any girl fall in love with it. It could be worn with any outfit on any occasion. Do check our other designs in premium range including solitaire ring, three stone ring, and diamond bordered ring to name a few.


 Tanzanite Earrings – Earrings are a must in a girl’s wardrobe. She loves to flaunt them for she knows how they add to her beauty. Tanzanite earrings given their much coveted color can make every girl look like a pri




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