Let’s Know Tanzanite Gemstone

Did you know that the captivating blue hue of tanzanite is obtained only by heat-treating the raw gemstone? Surely, not many of us are aware about the fact. Likewise, there are many other facts associated with the gemstone, which can sound interesting to you.


Let’s read about those facts and figures:

1) The gemstone got its name after its ‘only’ source. The East African state of Tanzania produces this transparent blue gemstone.

2) Tiffany, New York’s jeweler is solely responsible for bringing this gemstone in limelight. It is due to the efforts of this jewelry company that the gemstone has become our eye candy.

3) The tanzanite gemstones are orange-brown in their original state. These dull looking gems undergo heat-treatment and miraculously, they change their color to beautiful blue-violet.

4) In 1967, a Masai tribesman Ali Juuyawatu discovered the gemstones in the hills of Northern Tanzania.The gems were lying on the dry grasses and the hills caught fire due to natural lightening. This made them change color to glistening blue, thus attracting Ali.

5) The gemstone is pleochroic in nature, which means that it displays various tints and shades of blue and violet hue when viewed from different angles.

6) The attractive blue hue of tanzanite can rival fine sapphires and hence it has become one of the most sought after gemstones. Also, its low price as compared to sapphires makes it a desirable gem.

Tanzanite Jewelry

Did you like the above information on your favorite gemstone? Will you like to buy tanzanite jewelry in place of sapphire? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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