Exclusive Tanzanite Jewelry

Since its discovery tanzanite has gained ample of praise and popularity. It is a stone that radiates the multiple hues of blue and purple. The rarest of all and found only in one place on earth, tanzanite belongs to family of zoisite. It is used in almost all forms of jewelry and made its distinct position in the hearts of jewelry lovers.

It’s also declared the traditional birthstone of December. The clarity and brilliance that tanzanite have make it the most sought after gemstone. The gemstone was also welcomed at the red carpet. Penelope Cruz’s irresistibly charming bold earrings or Lindsay Prices’ extraordinary beautiful ring, tanzanite is everywhere to add the right hint to the persona.

Lindsay Price wearing a Simon G Tanzanite Ring   Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Designer Ring

Tanzanite looks extremely gorgeous when combined with diamond. This Christmas when you choose a ring for someone special, be a bit bold like this oval tanzanite ring. The center stone is shinning royally and the diamond halo is adding more praise to its beauty. Of course the diamond studded shank is worthy enough to mention. Surely the time you’ll slip such ring on her finger you’ll get infinite appreciation for your selection.

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