Choose tanzanite jewelry to surprise mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just a couple of days ahead. You might have prepared your surprise gift basket to celebrate the occasion. But there is one thing which you should include in the basket is a beautiful tanzanite bling. Your mom is one in a million for you and she deserves something unique and exceptional. And being rare and exotic, tanzanite jewelry is what she deserves on this special day.

Round-Tanzanite-and-Diamond-Tapered-Shank-Ring Heart-Tanzanite-and-Diamond-Dangling-Pendant

Jewelry is undoubtedly loved by women of all ages. They always want a different and new addition to their collection. Tanzanite is therefore the best option to make her surprise this Mother’s Day.

Tanzanite is the newest and the most wonderful discovery in past 200 years. This gem is 1000 times rarer than diamond and it exhibits a lovely play of color where a blue tanzanite in natural light turns into violet in incandescent and lavender in fluorescence light. It is also included in the list of birthstones and now it is the birthstone for people born in the month of December.

Tanzanite jewelry is highly in demand these days. A piece of tanzanite pendant or a pair of earrings studded with tanzanite could express the never spoken words of emotions in a simple and elegant manner.

Trillion-Tanzanite-and-Diamond-Designer-Pendant Pear-Tanzanite-Solitaire-Pendant

If you are new to the tanzanite world, the following examples of tanzanite jewelry would probably help you in finalizing a suitable piece for your gift basket.

Tanzanite with hues of blue is most picked but tints of lavender and violet are also loved by people. Solitaire tanzanite pendants, studs and rings are great to express that your world revolves around your mom and she is the most important and vital part of your life.

If your mother likes rings then a square or round tanzanite ring set in a diamond frame is awe-inspiring. A tanzanite round mounted on a twisted band is also a stylish option for a lovely gift.

For expression of faith you can even pick a cross pendent studded with tanzanite.

A three-stone ring is another sweet option when you are surprising you mother. It will reflect the past, present and future of your heavenly love for your mom.

Now as you have quite a lot of option, make a suitable choice according to her likes and let her feel more special this Mother’s Day.

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