Add more Color with Tanzanites

Every year and season brings a new trend in the world of fashion. And this year, the elite mixture of colors is the look of the season. After exploring the recent fashion trends, I came across this hottest jewelry trend. The interesting thing I found was that none of these jewelry mixes has missed including the blue and purple hues of tanzanite crystals.

Tanzanite is already such an adored gem that has easily gained its place in the precious category of gemstones. When combined with other colored stones like emeralds, pink sapphires, sea-blue aquamarines, and sunny citrine, the blue blush intensifies. The best part is that the blue/violet/lavender of this rare gemstone symphonizes with any shade. Neither too dusky nor extremely flashy, the gemstone is just the right hue to be the complementary sparkle.

Marquise Tanzanite and Aquamarine Butterfly Ring

There is a famous quote that says Blue and Green should never be seen together since they make the worst mishmash ever. This has kept both the riches apart from each other for several years; however, today’s modern designers and daring celebs have made us see the two together, not even in clothing but in earrings, necklaces, and rings too. Even the diamond accents look ravishing with the rainbow jewels.

The combination of green and pink with the tanzanite blue is really the pursuit of bold and gallant divas. But I believe you can also standout by adding such zing to your bling. You can steal the show with such a striking and stunning mix of colors, that too with the introduction of cobalt blue of tanzanite, which is such a ravishing and rare sight.

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