Round Tanzanite Studs

If you love the blue hue in your studs, but do not wish to make a large expenditure on blue sapphire studs, then this pair is certainly made for you. You can use it fondly even while travelling.

These Round Tanzanite studs bring with them so many reasons for you to smile. The sparkling blue hue is the main feature of this pair and the screw back ensures the safety and security of the pair. There is no risk of them getting slipped off the year lobe. The pair is apt to wear at work place and even when you are going to party! Round Tanzanite Studs

The store lets you choose the quality of the gem. The four qualities are heirloom, good, better and best. The heirloom quality features exceptional rich violet blue and very high brilliance. This type of studs can be fondly passed over to the next generations and they will lovingly treasure them. The other option is to choose the carat weight of the stone. This will affect the size of the studs.

The most interesting feature is to get the pair set in the metal of your choice. You can choose the white metals (white gold, platinum) or the golden metal (yellow gold). Here, the white metals will make the studs look very stylish and trendy where as the yellow gold adds some more color to the pair. Also, you can choose to pay in installments and the pair will reach you just after the first installment made.

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