Round Tanzanite Martini Earrings

Something that is rare is even more appealing and you cannot help but be drawn to it. This is all the more applicable in case of jewelry for on one hand you have the absolute beauty of it and coupled with its rarity it becomes even more desirable. So if I were to tell you about a charming pair of tanzanite studs you will immediately jump at the idea and want one for yourself with this incredibly lovely stone that also happens to be extremely uncommon.

Round Tanzanite Studs
This is one gemstone that in spite of being a late entrant in the family of gemstones has made a mark for itself for its gorgeous color and irresistible beauty. Also the fact that it is found only in Tanzania adds to its attractiveness. So when you have these very stones set in a simple yet stylish design you cannot help but want them. The round shape of the gems help in pronouncing the unique color of these gems and the martini setting gives it a wonderful twist adding a dash of contemporary appeal to an otherwise classic variety.

The white gold setting of course complements the color of the stones perfectly. Colorful and chic you will always look charming if you wear these rare and splendid stones especially in a design that is simple yet stylish. Ideal for any occasion, this pair is something you will come to love.

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