Blushing Blue Earrings

The dance of dangle earrings on our ear lobes looks amusing and derives the attention of the onlooker to our face very easily. The best part about this kind of earrings is that they suit almost all shapes of the face, if they are not very long in size. If these are studded in gem stones, then their charm is beautifully increased.

The use of Tanzanite gem in dangle earrings has gained popularity in recent years. The earrings show a high glamour and style when tanzanite is studded in them.

Pear, Square Tanzanite and Diamond Dangle Earrings

This piece of jewelry can give you a quick make over and add a grace to your charm. The not so big size of the earrings makes it look lovely on round, square, triangle, oval shaped faces. They look equally good on heart and rectangular shapes of faces.

The designer has used three shapes of the stones very gracefully. A round shaped diamond and two tanzanite gems, one in tear drop shape and the other in square shape. The use of a sparkling diamond elegantly breaks the monopoly of the blue color.

Wearing Pear, Square Tanzanite and Diamond Dangle Earrings Pear, SqPear, Square Tanzanite and Diamond Dangle Earrings Heirloom Quality Tanzanite-Stone-Quality

This pair of earrings can be personalized by getting it made according to one’s taste and size of the pocket. You can choose the quality of the stone viz. heirloom, good, better, best and the carat weight of the gem. You can also make a choice in the metal type (white gold, yellow gold or platinum).

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