Tanzanite Diamond Stud Earrings

40 years ago when the stone was discovered, no one had ever thought that it would become an everyday name in jewelry. But today it is a fact that tanzanite is one of the most desired gemstones. Tanzanite is a member of zoisite family of mineral stones.

It is generally found in violet-blue hues and is famous for exhibiting the three color pleochroism. Though comparatively softer than other gemstones they are extremely demanded for different types of fine jewelry. From rings to pendants and earrings, tanzanite adds a unique radiance to every style of jewelry.

Tanzanite earrings in recent times have captured a lot of attention. From celebrities to ordinary people tanzanite earrings are liked by all. There are different qualities of tanzanite that match to varied price range. You can easily find a good quality tanzanite at the cost of $500 per carat.

While buying tanzanite earrings the color is a major factor followed by clarity and carat. Generally the color of tanzanite divides it into four categories namely AAA, A, B and C. Gem with the deep and vivid violet blue with strong trichroism is considered the best for fine earrings.

Tanzanite earrings with deep blue hues and flawless clarity lend exotic elegance which is enough to punctuate your style statement.

You can easily find tanzanite earrings in different shapes and settings. From simple square studs to ornate trillion tanzanite dangles, the magnificent stone leaves a gossiping impression.

Let’s have a look at some of the tanzanite earrings that might sweep you off your feet:

Tanzanite Studs: studs are the universal type of earrings. They go with every type of face-cut, bring beauty to any outfit and never fail in complimenting the wearer. They are perfect to wear day and night and easily fuse with various styles. With variations in designs like solitaire studs to halo diamond studs and cluster studs, they are a forever addition to any collection.

Tanzanite Hoops: you need a touch of class but want to be a bit naughty too, tanzanite hoops are then your choice. Like Penelope Cruz these types of earrings will bring the lime-light also for you. Whether alone or clubbed with supplementary stones like diamonds they create a dazzling wow factor.

Tanzanite Dangles: Either choose long sleek once or pick those teardrops, you will surely rock every time you don them. Dangles are long hoops with a bit heavy design style. They are a chic match with any party look. Wear them with long pencil black gown or with a mini cherry frock and let your hair style in a half-up half-down manner and see the wonders your style senses will do.

Tanzanite Chandeliers: with intricate branches of tanzanite this type of earrings are best suitable for the mega events like weddings and night parties. They also work well in a Christmas or New Year party. Chandeliers are quite heavy type of earrings and are preferably worn for some dazzling occasions.

The exotic gemstone boasts different settings from classic four prongs and bezel to more moderate halo style. You can easily put on your tanzanite and diamond earrings for a casual shopping look or go with them to a professional meeting. Even if you want to turn a little naughty and wish to carry it with a trendy elegance then nothing but a pair of tanzanite earrings is just perfect for you.

Tanzanite earrings have the potential and beauty to glamorize every face type. People with ova shape face can pick any style of tanzanite earrings. But those having angular face cut should avoid the sharp edgy earrings. Instead they should wear soft cornered tanzanite earrings.

Tanzanite earrings opulently grace the charm and sophistication and define the fashion statement in elite manner.

Classic studs, designer hoops, intrinsic dangles, bold teardrops etc – the list is endless. But undoubtedly every pair of tanzanite is unique and rare. It brings a regal charm to the personality. With tanzanite earrings you will never get unnoticed and in fact can easily jazz-up your desired fashion senses in a comfortable manner.

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