Tanzanite Engagement Rings – A Pretty Unique Pick

You will find many amazing rocks in the world of gemstones. One of these beautiful wonders is tanzanite, which has been swiftly gaining popularity. The gem has been discovered barely 45 years back, and since then, it has been termed as one of the most important discoveries in gemstones.

45 Years Back TanzaniteBeautifull Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite is a relatively softer stone, but its appealing looks and bewitching play of colors makes it quite magical. Tanzanite mostly comes in the blue-violet color, but you will find this in other hues as well like red, pink, green and more. All the different shades of tanzanite show strong trichroism.

Strong Trichroism TanzaniteTrillion Tanzanite and Round Diamond Designer Pendant

The gem is found only in Tanzania. The census figures tell us that the mines will soon get exhausted. This is what makes tanzanite so rare and priceless.

Gems Is Found Only Tanzania

The stone is always compared with sapphire. In fact, it is often used as a substitute by many people. But the actual picture is very different. Sapphire and tanzanite are two very different stones. Except for a little similarity in colors, there is nothing really in common.

Pear Sapphire Medium BlueOval Tanzanite Medium Blue

Tanzanite is extensively used for unique fine jewelry. Rings, earrings and pendants studded with tanzanite are gradually coming into the main fashion stream. But a more surprising element is that, the gem is become very popular as a part of engagement rings. Tanzanite engagement rings are popular because they are unique, rare and exotic.

Tanzanite Is Used For Unique Fine JewelryEmerald Cut Tanzanite and Diamond Three Stone Ring

Whether it is a solitaire with side diamonds, or a three stone classic ring, and even a vintage inspired tanzanite bauble, it definitely looks quite remarkable. It looks good with every style.

A Tanzanite and Diamond RingThe Classic Three-Stone Ring

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