Tanzanite Engagement Ring Styles

Gone are the days when just the diamonds were the most sought after stones when it came to the engagement rings. The changing times have witnessed the new trend and fashion of wearing the colored gemstone rings. People love ruby, emerald, sapphire etc to be encrusted to their special rings.

Tanzanite Rings

These gems radiate beauty and charm. For all the ones, who love the deep blue hue to the sapphires but do not want to spend such a huge amount, the new gemstone tanzanite is like a dream come true. It displays the lustrous and transparent blue hue and is much lower in price as compared to the other blue hued gemstone.

In the large world full of exclusively designed tanzanite engagement rings, let us explore four very beautiful rings.

1) The Three Stone Ring:

The bond of love is timeless and eternal; this ring silently gives this message as it has the usage of three stones which symbolize the past, present and the future. It is interesting to see that the center stone is flanked by two dazzling diamonds, which not only give extra sparkle to the ring, but also breaks the monopoly of the blue color.

2) The Trillion Tanzanite Ring:

This piece of jewelry is sophisticated and is worth exploring. The trillion shaped tanzanite is enough to grab the attention of the onlookers and the diamonds added to the shank give it enticing beauty. Pop up the question to your girl with this ring and it will never fail to win her heart all over again.

3) Lady Diana Inspired Ring:

What a fun to wear this ring on that special finger! The design is inspired from Princess Diana’s world famous sapphire engagement ring. Here, the placement of an oval shaped tanzanite as the center stone, surrounded by sparkling diamonds make it a perfect engagement ring.

It is exciting to know that all the above mentioned rings can be personalized according to your taste and the budget. You can get it custom made by choosing the carat weight of the gemstone, its quality and the metal type.

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