Tanzanite Cocktail Rings – Truly Dramatic!

These dramatically large sized rings seem to have been in fashion since forever. But, if you try and sneak into their roots, their origin was also quite a bit dramatic.

Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Designer Ring

These rings actually caught up with the trend at the time of US prohibition period at the not so legal cocktail parties. The rings were a stunning way to drink illegally and not only that but to do it with great style.

Cocktail rings had a large center stone or a cluster of small gems that together made the ring appear big. A perfect way to draw attention, these rings got much popularity in the 1940s and the 50s. In those times a cocktail tanzanite ring would mostly be made up of diamonds and other colored gemstones. But today, they may even be made with faux stones.

Even after so many years, these big ring rings are the most stunning way to complement your outfit, especially when you wouldn’t mind the company of compliments for the whole evening!

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