Propose her with Tanzanite Ring

Thinking of proposing to her? So make your proposal a one-of-a kind that’ll be remembered forever as a beautiful story. Choose a special ring for your pretty lady. Tell her “I’ll always be there in your ups and downs!” Say it by giving her a tantalizing tanzanite ring and add a hint of luxury to her treasure of jewels. The memories of your proposal will last for a lifetime. Place the engagement ring in an oyster shell. She’ll be stunned to find a tanzanite instead of a pearl.


An Engagement ring is always special, especially if it’s a rare tanzanite one. It symbolizes the beginning of the journey that you and your lady will enjoy together. It’ll not only be a prized possession for her but she’ll treat it as an accessory of life. A tanzanite engagement ring will make a perfect reminder of your promise to love her forever.


Tanzanite engagement rings have become a much cherished and sought after choice for many. This marvelous gemstone is mined only at Tanzania. Tanzanites are one thousand times rarer than diamonds and are believed to be the most precious stones of all. A rare tanzanite engagement ring fits the bill perfect if you wish to shower your lady with luxury.


The velvety blue color of tanzanite is a cusp between deep violet and royal blue. It’s believed that the magical fire from the sky transformed the pebbles in the ground into velvety blue stones. Since then, they are believed to possess supernatural powers which bring good-luck to the wearer. This beautiful stone is the most transparent or ‘eye-clean’ of all the precious gemstones. The minor inclusions are not visible to the unaided eye. This flawless quality of tanzanite makes it the most valuable of all gemstones.


When diamonds are played with the rare tanzanite, it turns to shine even more. Moreover diamonds fringing the tanzanite not only enhance its beauty but also protect it. The awe-inspiring combination of tanzanite and diamonds in an engagement ring will give your lady an illusion of the horizon, where the sky and the sea meet. She’ll be surprised at the beauty of an exclusive tanzanite engagement ring.


Choose the style that will compliment her personality. Make a choice from contemporary solitaire tanzanite ring and tanzanite-diamond eternity band to more elaborate, round tanzanite-diamond flower ring. If your lady has an eye for contemporary jewelry, then show your love with a tanzanite solitaire ring or an eternity band. If she is obsessed with luxury then give her the luxurious tanzanite and diamond flower ring. The ring on her elegant finger will light the late evening sky and will make her feel special.

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