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Celebrities influencing popularity of gemstones

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Emerald : The Birthstone of May

Technorati Tags: emerald,emerald jewelry,birthstone,birthstone for may,loose emeralds,colombian emerald Emeralds are a fascinating gemstone. Having the most intense and most radiant green imagined: emerald green….

Tanzanite Diamond Jewelry

A little sparkle and a little glamour; these are what best describe our tanzanite diamond jewelry. A perfect adornment for the perfect someone in your life, these glamorous pieces are eye popping. Beautiful choice for men and women, our tanzanite jewelry will complete the jewelry ensembles of a well maintained wardrobe!

Tanzanite Diamond Rings

Gone are the days when just solitaire diamond was an epitome of engagement ring. These sparklers are now being encrusted with various colored gems like tanzanite etc. Tanzanite engagement rings not only provide the perfect bling, but also glamorize the personality. Isn’t it a gleaming idea to showcase your special e-ring!

Tanzanite Engagement Ring Styles

Gone are the days when just the diamonds were the most sought after stones when it came to the engagement rings. The changing times…

Emerald-Cut Tanzanite Rings

Some of you might be confused with the title that how two dark gemstones can look together in a single bijou. To unburden you…

Tanzanite Diamond Earrings

A little dangle or a perfect fit? Which type of earrings do you like? Be it classic studs or contemporary dangle earrings, you find them all with us. Explore our tanzanite and diamond earrings section and quench your thirst for a perfect pair of earrings. Go to a party or regular work place, our extraordinary earrings will complement and compliment you in every way.

Dashing Tanzanite Earrings

A fact to be shared is that the trend of earrings can never hit the sack. Whatever be the occasion and season, they pop…

Round Tanzanite Studs

If you love the blue hue in your studs, but do not wish to make a large expenditure on blue sapphire studs, then this…

Blushing Blue Earrings

The dance of dangle earrings on our ear lobes looks amusing and derives the attention of the onlooker to our face very easily. The…

Tanzanite Diamond Pendants

What is a perfect love soaked gift? For many people, it is certainly a pendant, as it always hangs close to the heart. This gift becomes even more desired when an element of glamour is added to it. Bringing this desired bling to your gift for her, we showcase the beauty of our tanzanite diamond pendants! It seems as if the saturated ocean color and twinkle of night star have united to bedeck these pendants!

Most Playful Pendants for a New Look

Have you cleared out woolens and sweatshirts from your wardrobe? With the winters signing off and sun rising high, your closets insist upon a…

Pear Tanzanite Diamond Pendant

Sometimes the right kind of jewelry is all you need to complete your look. You may be in love with earrings and you may…

Tanzanite Jewelry Gifts

Are you looking for a gift for her and want something unique? Let us help you find a perfect present which will glamorize her personality and add desired glitz to it. And, for the same, tanzanite jewelry gift will be absolutely perfect. Showcasing resplendence and grandeur, tanzanite jewelry will adorn her each time she wears it; reminding her of your eternal love!

Creative Engagement Proposal Ideas

Looking for something more than the traditional proposal ideas? Want to do something different for your woman? Well, here are a few creative engagement…

Merry Christmas

Top 10 Christmas card Messages

The sound of Christmas songs, good wishes and scents hung in air are already making us feel excited about experiencing the Christmas joy! We…

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Parents

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Parents

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we all are looking forward to celebrating it with excitement and fun. Most of our thoughts…