Tanzanite engagement rings are setting new trends

Like the gemstone tanzanite engagement rings are a new arrival but have been in huge demand. Just 40 years back when tanzanite had been discovered no one would have ever thought that this simple stone will capture the fashion world so soon. The story of tanzanite has been started in Tanzania where a sudden sparkle of blue light caught the attention of Massai tribesmen. The stone was then mined and studied. It was stated as a mineral stone of zoisite with a rare property of trichroism.

Tanzanite is the rarest gem found so far. It is even 1000 times rarer than diamond. Its rarity and color changing property have made it one of the most sought after gem. The stone has a hardness value of 6.5 to 7 on Moh’s scale and so is considered as a soft stone for jewelry. Instead of this it is highly used in fine jewelry and becoming even more popular with every passing day.

In its rough state the stone appears as reddish brown but when it is heated at high temperature the color changes to blue, violet and burgundy. Due to its strong blue color tanzanite is sometimes mistakenly considered a type of sapphire. But the two stones are entirely different from each other.

Tanzanite engagement rings are a popular trend and many couples are looking for customized engagement rings studded with tanzanite as the main stone. From traditional solitaire and three stone styles to modern customized flair, tanzanite engagement rings are available in a number of variations.

Choose your style, setting, metal, stone shape and get a mesmerizingly beautiful and exotic tanzanite engagement ring for lifetime brilliance.

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