Latest Jewelry: The choice of youngsters


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Today youngsters have fashion curious as never before. They like to carry their own fashion whether it is cloths, shoes, makeup or even jewelry. Apart from following the wave of common their motto is also to stand out and have a fashion statement of their own. This is what we see in jewelry trends today both from the side of fashion followers and jewelry designers.

Gemstone jewelry ruled the jewelry fashion trends in 2009. While winter blanketed itself in cozy of warm shaded gems such as Ruby, Emerald and Blue Sapphire; summer sparkled under the umbrella of pastel colors of aquamarine, tanzanite and pink sapphire. Youth discovered their passion in solitaires with higher preference going to square and princess cut studs, pendants and rings. Hoops came back in fashion spiced up with gemstone accents. The popularity of birthstones adding individuality to jewelry also accounted to rush of colored gemstones being sold in a whole new contemporary avatar.

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