Colored Gemstone Jewelry for Cool Summer Looks

Summer is the most desirable time of year when everything looks bright, fresh and beautiful. From nature to fashion, the magnificent hues of splendid colors make a charming picture. Green, blue, purple, red, orange, white, yellow, so many shades of love and life spread the beauty and brightness into the hearts and heads of millions of admirers.

These enchanting colors of nature are also a part of our everyday life. They lend a language to our emotions and an attribute to our style. Be it the fashionable clothing or eloquent jewelry, colors are everywhere.

This year as the trend is talking about minimal jewelry, a major inclination has been seen towards bright and exuberant jewelry where colors have topped the chart. Green, yellow, orange, blue, red, purple, lavender and much more, colorful jewelry with some contemporary and bold looks is highly in demand.

diamond-engagement-ring5 Platinum Flower Style Diamond Engagement Ring

But the market has also noticed a special love for the bygone glamour. Vintage and antique jewelry is swiftly making a cozy corner in the hearts of fashion lovers. Vintage inspired engagement rings with colored gemstone and accent diamonds is an extremely popular trend.

People are choosing colored gemstones as an alternate to diamonds because they are finding these gems more relevant to express their emotions and they are also comparatively more pocket friendly.

Round-Solitaire-Peridot-Studs-in-Sterling-Silver_SE0325PH_Reg Oval-Amethyst-and-Diamond-Pendant-in-Sterling-Silver_SP0141AM_Reg

Ruby, emerald, sapphire and tanzanite are the most famous diamond alternatives people are picking to signify their serious sentiments. They are also pretty explanatory for fashion and trends. Gemstone earrings, pendants and rings are gradually becoming a thoughtful present on any occasion.

Mother and Child Heart Pendant Round-Emerald-Designer-Heart-Pendant-in-14K-White-Gold_SP0103E_Reg

Give it to your mom on Mother’s Day, to sister on Christmas, to a friend on friendship day or your girlfriend or wife on Valentine’s Day, fine jewelry with lustrous gems are setting new milestones in style industry.

If you think of jazz up your summer fashion, choose some colorful baubles and pair them with anything in your wardrobe, they will surely brighten up your style and looks without much efforts.

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