Build Your Own Pink Sapphire Earrings

When two favorites combine, the effect is simply wonderful. So when your favorite color pink joins hands with your most preferred variety of jewelry, you have every reason to feel delighted. Yes, make the blushing pink sapphires a part of your earrings and create a pair exactly the way you want.

You must have dreamt of making this pair for so long now, that you have a clear picture of it in mind already but it always helps to put it on paper. Whether it is studs, hoops, drops, danglers or chandeliers make a sketch and detail every little aspect. Decide on the number of stones, their shapes and sizes, the inclusion of diamonds and the style whether simple or elaborate. You need to know these before you begin your stone selection.

Round-Pink-Sapphire-Diamond-Heart-Stud-Earrings Emerald-Cut-Pink-Sapphire-Diamond-Earrings

Always buy your gems from a reputed source and insist on the certificate of authenticity. You must also know how to use the four C’s namely color, clarity, cut and carat in their selection. The stones will breathe in life into your pair so they must look vibrant and alive.

Next start hunting for the perfect setting that looks great with your design as well as the stones. Always pick it in a metal you love ensuring it also complements your pair. White gold, platinum and yellow gold are all good options.

You can now consult a trusted jeweler who will complete your stunning pair of earrings with pink sapphires that you can proudly call your own creation.

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