Fabulous Bling style: Princess-Cut Engagement Rings

Long gone are the days when girls had limited choices in their wedding ring collection. They were bound to traditions in one or the other way, where stepping out from family customs was not favored.

Princess-Cut Engagement Rings

However, changing times and modern thinking has brought a revolution so much so that present-day brides and grooms look for ways to make their grand day different from relatives and friends. From fixing a wedding venue and bedecking it to choosing an innovative theme and buying an engagement ring, incorporating newness is what everyone desires.

Amid all this singularity, the design and style of engagement ring holds a strong status. In fact, men have also become very distinctive in choosing an engagement ring for their ladylove. Most of them put time and efforts in customizing their girl’s special piece.

Celebrity Princess cut Diamond Engagement Rings

This is an era that offers countless options engagement rings. While classic round solitaire diamond is a time-honored ring, princess-cut diamond engagement rings are tremendously taking over. A square-shaped diamond as the center stone fantastically displays the brilliance of the whole piece. Lately, many celebrities such as Sherri Shepherd, Kendra Wilkinson, and Hillary Duff have been seen flaunting their princess-cut diamonds as given by their favorite man.

The angular lines that emerge from the four facets of a princess piece present the perfect geometric setting. It seems an intriguing unification of radiance coming out from four corners of a flat surface. The more you focus in the center, the more scintillating it appears. Certainly, a princess-cut stunner highlights a princely and feminine sparkle held by a woman.

Three Stone Princess Diamond Engagement Ring

Square-shaped rings have also gained popularity as anniversary giveaways, birthstone ensembles, and for everyday wear. If you wish to give a little twist to your jewelry collection, owning a princess-cut statement is the ultimate investment.

Three Stone Princess Diamond Engagement Ring1V-prong Princess Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring With Milgrain Detailing

Here are a few contemporary and much-adored princess-cut diamond rings that you can see at renowned jewelry e-tailer. The rings are the epitome of true glamour (you will say the same once you see them).

Shop and save big, and share with us your buying experience. Post your comments on how attractive you think are princess-cut in diamond rings.

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