Tanzanite from Tanzania

Tanzanite comes only from an East African state Tanzania and hence it got its name. The lovely color of this gem may range from light blue to dark blue and purple blue.

Tanzanite from Tanzania

Very few of us know that these stones are not found in this sparkling blue hue. In its raw state, it is found in orange brown color. The mesmerizing blue hue is obtained after heat treating this stone. There is a very interesting legend behind the blue color of tanzanite. It is said that crystals of this gem were lying down on the ground in their orange brown color and they were caught in fire which was set due to natural lightning and got spread on the grass covered mountains. Due to this, the raw state tanzanite stones changed their color to the sparkling transparent blue. When some Masai herders passed by, they noticed it and couldn’t not stop themselves from picking them up. They are also known as the very first collectors of Tanzanite.

It is the birthstone of the month of “December” and is widely used in jewelry. It goes best with the combination of white diamonds and platinum, though people like it to be set in yellow gold as well.

Nicole Stuart wear Tanzanite and Diamond Earrings

Tanzanite studded jewelry ranges from rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. It’s the scintillating beauty of this gem that the Hollywood actress Nicole Stuart chose Tanzanite and Diamond earrings for the Vanity Fair Pre Emmy’s Party. The earrings perfectly contrasted her dark colored dress!

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