Are you a December Born?

Are you a December born, if yes then you are lucky to have Tanzanite as your birthstone. And if no, even then Tanzanite is a stunning gemstone that will always make a great piece of Jewelry.

Here are some Interesting facts that you might not know about these December Birthstones


  • Tanzanite was only discovered in the year 1967. Compared to most of the other gemstones which have been there in the scene for like few hundreds of years, this is just an infant.
  • The gem was even referred to as the ‘Gem of 20th Century’ by many experts.
  • Tanzania (a State in East Africa) is the only place where these gems are mined.
  • The name ‘Tanzanite’ was given by New York Jewelers Tiffany in 1969. Since these gems are in reality Blue Ziosites, it was said that the never sounded similar to the word ‘suicide’. Thus, Tiffany came up with the name Tanzanite, also symbolic of its only place of origin.
  • In 2002 American Gemstone Trade Association added the gem to the list of Modern Birthstones as a December Birthstones along with Blue Topaz and Turquoise.
  • Most of Tanzanite produce was exported to Jaipur (India) for cutting and polishing.
  • In June 2003 Tanzanite Government imposed ban on export of unprocessed Tanzanite to protect and promote Domestic Industries. The ban lasted for over two years.
  • In its natural form the gem occur as pale brown crystals. It is upon heating that the gem acquires its much coveted violet blue hue.
  • The gemstone is of trichroic nature. That is when light falls upon the gem, it breaks into three colors, blue, violet and bronze.
  • One of the largest tanzanites in the world, is a huge 242 carats rock set in Queen of Kilimanjaro tiara.
  • Tanzanites are not much hard. They score 6.5 – 7 on Mohs scale of hardness. And thus have to be treated with care. Read more here on Tanzanite caring tips.

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