Irresistible Christmas Offer

Christmas is synonymous with fun. We enjoy everything about it, the family time, great food, gifts and much more. There is another part to it that is concerning for many of us and that’s the expense that invariably comes along with everything else. This is true especially when we have a long shopping list of Christmas gifts. You want something really nice for her and have been stashing away cash for this very reason. You also can’t help but wonder if it will fetch something splendid, but don’t worry for there is some good news that awaits you.

Believe your good fortune when you see this stunning oval tanzanite and diamond split shank ring. It looks absolutely gorgeous and is definitely something you would love to give her this Christmas but you’re concerned how much it’s going to cost you.

Solitaire Oval Tanzanite And Diamond Ring2

The reassurance of quality is a huge aspect of jewelry shopping. Besides you will have no regrets when you see her face light up at the sight of this exquisite three stone ring that has both beauty and meaning.

Solitaire Oval Tanzanite And Diamond Ring

The oval tanzanite stands out for its rare color and appeal and is flanked by two round diamonds on both sides that throw a heady dash of light to it. Together the stones create a lovely harmony of color and sparkle. What actually sets this ring apart are the split shanks that not only give it a more elaborate look but also a contemporary touch. The perfect expression of your deepest feelings this is one Christmas present that will always warm her heart.

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