Tanzanite Can Help Robert Pattinson to Tide Over the Personal Crisis

It has been quite a while since Robert Pattison remained out of the media eye following the news of the infidelity of his lady love, Kristen Stewart broke out. Reports are that in the very first television interview with Pattinson the interviewer Jon Stewartshowed that he knew just how to handle the situation with a cup of ice-cream.

Pattinson & Jon Stewart

It is always said that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. But all those who have suffered a heartbreak will agree that it takes time to heal the wound. Though it is said Tanzanite has healing powersto heal the emotional wounds and can be the best thing for Robert Pattison who has just been through a very trying situation.

Stewart Asked Pattinson How to Approach This Situation

Sources tell us that the 26-year-old star was a little jittery yet prepared to try to tackle the situation, when Stewart asked if he was alright Pattinson very honestly replied he does not know how to approach this situation. (really honest!). He said that even though he may sound like an idiot but he thinks that ice cream was a “great idea.”

Robert Given an Interview For His New Film 'Cosmopolis '

During the interview the actor went on to say that he is going to hire a publicist as he was less-than-prepped for the big moment because normally actors get scripted with an anecdote. Putting up a brave face Pattison said that his personal woes have nothing to do with “the real issues of Americans and he has to go about the promotional duty at hand — Pattinson’s new film Cosmopolis .
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