June Special: Michelle Obama Loves Her Pearls

From one of the most fascinating of life forms, the mollusk, comes  the pearl — a gem of unmatched beauty and elegance. Birthstone for  June they are believed to be born out of teardrops of moon that fell into the ocean.

Pearl symbolizes numerous traits of those born in June. Because of its clean and simple appearance, it associated purity, wisdom and loyalty with those who celebrate their birthday in June.

Michelle  Obama   loves  her   pearls –  whether  classic  and  demure,  or layered these gorgeous gems that we love so much  are  getting a  major play. Michelle Obama certainly wears her pearls well – single, double, or triple strand, long short or bold. They are quickly becoming a signature style for this first lady.

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  • blueheron123@sympatico.ca'
    Reply June 4, 2009


    absolutely beautiful. “born out of teardrops of moon that fell into the ocean” – love this belief. Sarah

  • selvia08@gmail.com'
    Reply June 6, 2009


    Hi Niomi Jane, Great blog ,great pictures, can you tell me what are best jewels for those born in October. Thanks for adding me as your friend in BC

    • jones.cristina@hotmail.com'
      Reply June 8, 2009


      Hi Selvia..thnx for adding me too…as u asked the best stone for October born is opal..but as these stones are very delicate they requires a lot of care. You have to keep it away from heat or cold and it is best not to wet it at all. Opal is so easy to crack that it is best if worn as earring or pendant.

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