Tom Gossin Proposed Girlfriend Jamie Moffett

Tom Gossin, the lead singer and guitarist in the band Gloriana is ready to say ‘I do’. The country singer had popped the question to his girlfriend Jamie Moffett with an antique diamond engagement ring during the 10th anniversary celebration of their relationship.


That’s absolutely a great way to honor the very special day. But how he realized if this is the right time? To this he explained the reason saying that there was no perfect time that that. “We were with friends on a rooftop in Atlanta and I decided to make it official so I dropped on one knee with the ring and asked Jamie to marry me. She was totally surprised but of course said ‘yes’.” Tom thanked everyone for their loving words and support during this amazing time in their lives.

He formally announced his engagement during a hometown show in upstate, New York which was sponsored by Big frog 104. He dedicated the new tune ‘Carolina Rose’ to her.

As a growing name in pop music Gloriana is fast moving towards the top charts. The band’s ‘Wild at Heart’ won Breakthrough Artist of the year at 2009 American Music Awards and ‘How Far Do You Wanna Go’ is another hit from the band.

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Back to track, we were talking about engagement ring and this is absolutely a perfect statement to propose a girl who is standing with you for such a long time.

Vintage style rings are a much talked trend and people are taking it very seriously. As antique style rings best signify lasting commitment and unending love so make a subtle expression. Whether studded with diamond or any colored gemstone, they are the treasured possession. If the white beauty is not your choice and your girlfriend likes something rare and exotic then tanzanite engagement ring is a desirable pick.

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Tanzanite is though a new stone and was introduced only few forty years ago yet it is swiftly capturing the gem world, credit goes to its transcendent beauty and unique looks. This blue-violet gem is limited on earth, so a tanzanite engagement ring could also be a memorable heirloom.

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