Bobbi Kristina Brown Is Engaged, Cute Or Creepy?

Last year in November we had heard the Bobby Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon have called off their engagement. The news of their engagement had come to light a few months after Brown’s mother and famous singer Whitney Houston passed away accidentally. After the news of the break up surfaced we thought that the two will move on in life and probably look for new partners. However, we have heard that relationship is back on in a big way and Gordon has slipped the ring back on his twenty-year-old fiancée’s finger.

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina

We all know that Brown and Gordon have been best friends for many years now, they literally grew up together in the same house and their relationship is incredibly complicated because Gordon moved in at the age of twelve to live with Brown and Houston though he was never legally adopted but the beloved singer reportedly treated him much like a son.

So most of the extended family members and friends usually treated the two as siblings, which is the reason why this engagement announcement has been so off-putting for many fans and family members.

But as Brown is already aware of the criticism she wrote an explosive message on Facebook along with her engagement announcement.

She wrote that YES, she & nick are engaged and that she is tired of hearing people say that she has got engaged to her brother or that if Whitney was still alive would they not get the chance to be together or she would not approve of this.

She explained that they are not real brother and sister, and he is not even her adoptive brother as her mom never adopted him. In fact, in her words Houston was the one who had even said that she knew that they may start dating some day.

She defended her decision saying that her mom knows her better than any of people who are showing their resent and she added that if they really loved her they would not be airing their discontent like this and should have delighted in her happiness.

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