Lady Gaga’s Engagement Ring

Lady Gaga is known for her unique choice of outfits, jewelry and accessories. Her every performance is glamour studded and we look forward to it. The way she enters, sings and exits is always different and unique. When she takes due care about all these, then how come the special and personal occasion like her engagement be simple?


The pop star chose the day of love to get engaged to her long time boy friend Taylor Kinney. A forever brilliant diamond ring marked her engagement on Valentine’s Day. The massive ring is as bold and beautiful as the singing queen and it reflects her personality in every manner. Designed by her favorite jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz, the ring features a heart shaped brilliant diamond. Needless to mention, it is believed to be a very high quality diamond.


Sparkling from every angle, the ring has a diamond encrusted band. The most specific and beautiful part of the ring is still to be discussed. Before we do that, let us tell you that Lady Gaga’s birth name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Her boyfriend lovingly got the ring have alphabets ST (initials for Stefani Taylor). These initials are written at the back side of the ring with diamonds. It says T loves S, where a heart shape represents the word love. Lady Gaga said it to be her favorite part of the ring. This half a billion dollar ring is already amongst the most popular celebrity engagement rings. We are sure that her wedding band will be as glamorous as her and special e-ring.

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