Celebrities influencing popularity of gemstones

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Keeping an eye on the jewelry worn by celebrities is a great way to monitor current jewelry fashion trends and get a preview of styles that could be popular in the season. Celebrities have access to the latest designs, and it isn’t sporadic for a piece of jewelry worn by a popular star to become a hot fashion trend.

Nothing catches our fancy more than the designer swatches these celebrities drape and the dazzling jewels they sport. For this very reason we can never get over what celebs wear; they always leave a lasting impression.

Tanzanite peaked when Kate Winslet hurled the blue-violet gem into the sea during the filming of Titanic. According to experts, in 1997, popularity of tanzanite soared at the crest of Titanic. It elevated to its all time high with Titanic, directed by James Cameron and starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet as the lovers of the infamous ship’s doomed maiden voyage. Actress Kate Winslet, playing the role of Rose, donned an enticing Tanzanite pendant named the “Heart of the Ocean” featuring a heart shaped tanzanite surrounded with diamonds. Before titanic not very much people knew about the stone, but after it tanzanite popularity and awareness reached to a stupendous level…

This season emeralds soared in popularity because of Angelina Jolie, a woman who never ceases to sizzle. She did exactly so once again at the 81st Academy Awards with her stunning emerald jewelry. The dangling pear shaped emerald earrings along with her conspicuous emerald ring stood out in all its splendor.

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