Top Ten Gemstones and Their Mystical Powers

Do you believe in birthstone jewelry? Are you wearing any gemstone ensemble that matches your zodiac? Whether you admire their beauty or spiritual significance, gemstones have raised a popular trend among Hollywood celebrities in the past decade. However, gemstone jewelry has cherished a timeless and traditional history and been a pursuit of ancient royals. From the times of Queen Elizabeth to Lady Diana, women have highly regarded gems and stones and maintained a classic jewelry collection.


Along with exquisite appearances, colorful gemstones are symbolic of divinity and bringing good to the wearer. Though the numbers and types of precious and semi-precious stones are countless, few of them are widely known and admired. Here is a roundup of top ten gemstones and their mystical properties. We will start with the precious ones.


Diamond: King of gems and the hardest of all, best quality diamonds are the most expensive and invincible. Usually found and accepted in the color of ice, black and candy colored diamonds have gained popularity in the recent times. This brilliant-cut stone is considered a master healer to unify mind and body. Likewise, the brilliance of diamonds is believed to bring a loving energy, stability and courage.


Sapphire: Usually found in regal blue and pretty pink, sapphire is the stone of wisdom and prophecy. It is considered heavenly and miraculous for the ones born in September. Being remarkable therapists for skin and eye ailments, sapphires guarantee protection, greater insights, peace and elimination of ill thoughts. You can even enjoy a yellow variety in the gem.


Emerald: Revered as the “Stone of Successful Love,” emerald nurtures the Heart Chakra. It nature green hue soothes and brings freshness to the soul. Further, emerald’s lush provides inspiration, compassion, unity, composure, and contentment.


Ruby: Ruby is globally associated with love, romance, passion, and fidelity. A fiery red ruby is much favored as occasional giveaway to women of all ages and personalities. Rubies are essentially red and emanate vibrancy, increasing vitality throughout the body, mind, and soul. They belong to the mineral Corundum. Natural and heirloom ruby is even costlier than diamonds.


Tanzanite: One of the newest and most gentle stones making its place in the precious category, tanzanite exhibits varying colors such as lilac-blue to deep blue-violet. It is a gem of 20th century, known for its communication and psychic influence on the person who dons it. Found only in the mountains of Tanzania, these violet and blue crystals generate bliss and rebuild trust within.


Garnet: Looks like a ruby crystal as they share similar color and sparkle. Legend calls garnet to be the one of the most ancient talismans, which is boldly cherished by young girls of today. Garnet is known for its curative power, strong protective and creative energies, spiritual healing, and regenerative impacts. The stone’s red hue resembles the seeds of a pomegranate and connects with emotions of love and compassion.


Aquamarine: Official birthstone for people born in March, aquamarine evokes chastity and immaculacy of waters and serenity of the sea. Its sparkling ocean-like color builds trust, truth, the ability to forgive, good luck, fortitude, and syllogism. Aquamarines and diamonds make a contemporary fusion and are excellent gift ideas for Women’s Day.


Amethyst: Purple amethyst has been vastly valued for discernment, emotional stability, sobriety, creativity, passion, and ecclesiastical dignity. Amethyst blings prevent intemperance and drunkenness and controlling evil thoughts and dreams. February-born are lucky to have this pretty gem as their birthstone.


Turquoise: Lately, celebrity’s fondness for turquoise rings, earrings and necklaces has been witnessed on the red carpet. Believed to be the oldest stone in man’s history, turquoise has traversed all cultures and religions. Its bluish-green hue embarks uniqueness, nobility, positivity, absolute protection from physical injury and fall, clear communication, mental relaxation, and self-assurance. Turquoise jewels are considered symbols of male power.

Opal: Colorless yet multicolored, opals are said to have prismatic aura that emits varying colors under different light sources. Very pleasing to sight, precious opals render innocence, utopia, reliance, and release of inhibitions.


If you are thinking of buying or gifting one, go ahead as gemstone jewelry make for the most treasured and thoughtful pickups, for both men and women.

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