Tanzanite : The Gemstone of 20th Century

While Tanzanite might not yet be the stuff of legends, being discovered a mere 40 years ago,  this  outstanding  gem  has  already  attracted  more gossip  and  attention  than  any  modern-day  celebrity.

A well known  New York  jeweler  company  in  October  1968,  remarked that it was undoubtedly ‘the most beautiful blue stone discovered in over 2 000 years’.  Experts  rightly  called  it  the  gemstone  of  20th century.

Displaying the beautiful property of polychromaticity, Tanzanite exhibits different  colors  when  viewed  from  different   angles.  It   might   appear purple from one angle, blue from the second, and yellow  brownish  from the third angle.

Many Hollywood stars and starlets  have  also  adorned  themselves  with tanzanite. Stars like Salma Hayek, Elle  Mac  Pherson ,  Natsha  McElhone, Cate  Blanchett ,  Bond  girl  and  golden  globe  best  actress  winner   Teri Hatcher,   and   many  others   have  been  spotted  wearing  tanzanite.




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    gr8 post….never knew that tanzanite was so popular with the starlets…

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    freehand films

    nice post, keep writing thanks for sharing

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    Very good design and info about Tanzanite.
    Very accurate picks of celebrity’s and jewelery.
    Tanzanite is considered one of the rearrest stones,
    although it is very fragile and can be damage very easily.
    It can be scratched, cheeped and can not be exposed to high temperature.

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      Very rightly said Anatoli…that tanzanite is a very delicate stone..but its aura and hue are so impelling that u cannot resist this stone..

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    I wasn’t aware that the gem is so new.

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