Tanzanite Is Not For Everyone!!!

Tanzanite is definitely not as hard as ruby, sapphire or diamonds, but this just means that you will have to be more careful when you are wearing it, particularly if you wish to wear your tanzanite jewelry every day. The ‘handle with care’ tag comes with your tanzanite. It needs extra care and that’s precisely why this gemstone is not for everyone. But having said this, tanzanite is still among the most unique and attractive gemstones that you will ever find – it is a true treasure definitely.

 tanzanite-ring-kelly-faetanini-sylvie-collection tanzanite1

The trichroic property of this gem is something that makes it loved by thousands of women from across the world. Tanzanite changes color depending on the angle from which you are viewing it.

tanz changes color tanz-cchg2

So, give it a serious thought. Do you think that you are the right kind of person for a tanzanite? If you are, then you can certainly go ahead and get the best one you can find. Here’s one reason for trying it. Did you know that tanzanite is said to improve the mind and body of the wearer? Some people even say that by wearing tanzanite, they were able to get rid of their skin issues. Now that would be fantastic, right? Tanzanite has been discovered recently, just a few decades back. But it has already become hugely popular in this short time.

Tanzanite is really exclusive. As of now, there is just one known source of this gem – it is available in a small locality in Tanzania. Its name tanzanite comes from the name of the country. This makes it one of the rarest stones available. Some experts are even of the opinion that it is a good investment because of this exclusivity.

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