Most Important Gemstone Discovery in 2000 Years

Discovery of tanzanite in 1967 is considered by experts as  the  greatest discovery in 2000 years because of its unmatched popularity in just 40 years of its discovery. Its deep blue with the its  signature  overtones  of purple  makes   it   one   of  the most  extravagant  stone  known  to   man.

The unparalleled  rarity of the stone  and  becoming  the  privileged  first hand owners has  created  an  interest  worldwide.  “Be born to tanzanite” concept is also gaining popularity which says that on the birth of the first child a tanzanite should be gifted to the mother wishing her and the baby good health and all the happiness in the world.

The  growth  of  the  stone  in  terms  of  the  market  and  value  has  been spectacular. It is one of the most  sought  after  gemstones  in  the  world, especially in the US market. It continues  to  fascinate  with  its  unusual, captivating aura.


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    Um hello!!! Why not tanzenite lol. My hsbnaud bought me a tanzenite ring for Valentines day the last cruise we went on!! It is my favorite stone and has been for years.I am so excited for you, the ring is GORGEOUS!!!I just love a good engagement story, can’t wait to hear the rest!

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