How to Buy Tanzanite

Tanazanite (Zoisite) rough stone and cut stone...

One of the rarest of all gemstones tanzanite is a fairly recent entrant into the brightly colored family of colored gemstones. The lovely and lustrous color of tanzanite is what makes this beautiful stone so sought after. The wonderful and vibrant violet hue of tanzanite has stolen many a hearts. You have every good reason to indulge in these charming stones but if you plan to go shopping for these beauties there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Color which is the most important factor that goes in the selection of the right gemstone also applies to tanzanite so make sure you select a stone that is vivid shade between violet and blue. Take care to select a stone that touches your heart. You must ensure to take a look at the tanzanite in multiple lighting conditions so as to discern their true color. Another nugget of information that will help you is to know that a good tanzanite will invariably flash red or pink undertones under regular incandescent light.Round-Tanzanite-Deep-Purple-36.45-cts.-19.5-MM_TZR0177_Reg

 While most gemstones are accompanied by inclusions they are not so prominent in a tanzanite. However, while selecting the perfect tanzanite be on the lookout for inclusions and select a stone that has the least number of them. Tanzanites are also available in a number of shapes from round, princess, pear and trillion to name a few. Select a shape that has a good cut which will enhance the brilliance of the stone.

While selecting a tanzanite go to a reputed jeweler. Even if it is an online jeweler make sure of their authenticity. Always ask for the certificate of the tanzanite you finally choose to buy.

Keep these things in mind and you are sure to find yourself a gorgeous tanzanite that you will treasure forever.

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