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Big Rings are back in vogue

Big and oversized rings are very much in fashion this season. A great style statement, a big ring adds a dashing spark to any outfit that you wear them with. So, if you are ready to let your hands do the talking, these big and bold gemstone rings are just for you.

lab created sapphire and simulated diamond cocktail ring

This stunning ring will wonderfully complement your casual daily wear to evening formals. The ring has a huge lab created sapphire center stone which is bordered with simulated diamonds. Priced at just $49, this ring is a steal for the money.

tanzanite flower ringThis tanzanite flower ring is very stylish yet elegant. The ring made with marquise shaped tanzanites and is made in sterling silver. The ring is rare combination of grace and style and will complement you on any occasion that you wear them to. Priced at Angara at just $89, it is a great buy.

rainbow moonstone ring

What better way would it be to add color to your wardrobe than with a ring which reminds you of a painters canvas. This vintage inspired rainbow moonstone ring of Angara with its radiant colors will never cease to bring a smile on her face. The ring is made in sterling silver and is priced at just $299.

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Color me Blue

Blue is color of the sky, of the sea and blue the favorite color of most of the people. Blue is the color of loyalty, of royalty and of nature. The color has a mystical appeal to it that complements all kinds of occasions and all outfits.


The heavenly sapphires, the royal tanzanites, the stunning aquamarines; all have one thing in common, their blue hue that has given them the status of a much coveted gemstone.

sapphire diamond ring

Sapphires – Sapphires are considered as one of the most beautiful gemstones. These gems were considered as gifts from the heavens. Sapphires have been a hot favorite of many a celebrities. Given their excellent hardness, sapphire jewelry is a great choice for daily wear.

tanzanite pendant

Tanzanites – Tanzanites that are celebrated for their violet blue are the youngest members of the gemstone family. These gems were only discovered in the year 1967. These gems might not have as much experience as other gemstones, however it has a fresh appeal to it for which it is loved and prized highly.

diamond bordered aquamarine ring

Aquamarines – Subtle yet seductive, aquamarine derive their name from Latin where it means water of the sea. These gemstones come from the same family as emeralds and are loved for their enchanting hue. Their color ranges from pale to deep sea blue. These gemstone command great respect and love by modern jewelers.

blue diamond hoop earrings

Blue diamonds – Even the brilliant diamonds display a fine blue hue. The blue color of diamonds is due to the presence of boron atoms in diamond’s crystal structure. Blue diamonds got much limelight when in the 1997 movie Titanic, the main lead Rose was seen wearing a huge 15 carats blue diamond pendant.

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Bestseller Tanzanite Rings at Angara

Tanzanites are loved for their rare violet blue hue that they display. Tanzanite rings given their mesmerizing appeal have gained much popularity in recent years.

solitaire tanzanite ringIf you love the stunning hue of these gemstone than this solitaire ring is just for you. No other jewelry better translates the magnificence of the gem that the classic solitaire jewelry. The ring has a solitaire round tanzanite and is crafted into a sleek curved shank with prong setting. The ring will work great as daily wear and will even complement your evening wears. The ring with its simple design is an all time favorite and we guarantee it will never disappoint you.

three stone tanzanite diamond ringThree stone rings are loved by one and all, for their radiant hue and the underlying meaning that they signify. The three stone ring is symbolic of time spent with your loved one. This three stone ring with a round tanzanite at centre and lustrous diamonds at each side is a masterpiece that will surely sweep your girl off her feet. The ring is made with 14k white gold and priced at just $599, is a great buy for money.

tanzanite diamond flower ring

This diamond bordered tanzanite ring is a masterpiece that is loved by all our customers. The ring has a round tanzanite surrounded by 8 brilliant diamonds making it appear like a luminating flower. The ring is show stealer that will complement you on any occasion that you wear them to. Crafted in 14K white gold, the ring is offered at Angara at just $1299.

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Give Wings To Your Jewelry

Everybody loves butterflies. Everybody has chased these tiny creatures in their childhood. Their spectacular colors have fascinated one and all. Drew Barrymore once said “Everyone is like a butterfly; they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves.

This summer give wings to your jewelry, add a splash of color, and go a bit wild. The beautiful butterfly jewelry with its unconventional appeal is very much in fashion this season.

tanzanite butterfly earrings Butterfly earrings go beautifully with daily wear, office wear or evening wear. These stunning earrings with their delicate and unconventional design with beautiful colors will set you apart from the crowd.Tanzanite-Butterfly-Pendant-with-Diamonds-in-14k-White-Gold-(2-mm-1.5-mm-1.2-mm)_APW0476T_Reg

You can pair these earrings with a butterfly pendant. A butterfly pendant is also a very good choice for a gift; it is something that every girl would instantly fall in love with.


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Tanzanites – the journey to fame

These extraordinary gemstones, tanzanites are loved for their brilliant violet blue hue. Unlike other gemstones that have various mining locations, these gems are only found at one place in the whole world; Tanzania – the eastern state of African continent.

step cut tanzanite


Tanzanites were only discovered in the year 1967. So, relatively there are new members of the gemstone family. These are the blue variety of zoisite mineral and for a short duration they were also referred to as ‘blue zoisite’. Although soon after that, New York’s jewelers Tiffany gave the gem its present name as a tribute to its origin.

Two years hence the discovery of tanzanites, Tiffany’s presented this gem to the general public with a huge advertising campaign. Since then it has earned the stature of one of the most coveted gems. Tanzanites, given their stunning hue and limitation of source have become one of the most valuable gemstone.


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Caring Tips For Your Tanzanite Jewelry


We know that you love you tanzanite jewelry and we would want that it always remains as radiant. Here are some tips that would help you take care of your tanzanite jewelry.clip_image002

1. The best and the easiest way to clean your tanzanite jewelry at home is with luke warm water, mild detergent and a soft tooth brush.

2. Tanzanites are not much hard. They score between 6 to 7 on Moh’s scale of hardness. As these gems are relatively less hard, they need to be handled with care. Avoid wearing tanzanite when doing any kind of intensive physical work.

3. It is advised that one should get their jewelry checked professionally at least once a year. Many a times settings tend to become loose; loose gems can scratch other gems as well as the metal that they are set in.

4. Tanzanites are sensitive to pressure and have a low resistance to ultrasound. Thus they should never be cleaned with Ultrasonic cleaner that professionals often use in cleaning gemstones.

5. Tanzanites should never be cleaned with steam cleaners as they might damage the stone.

6. Tanzanites are also sensitive to most of the acids specially hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids.

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